Here are our members:



Doug - The Drums


Mikkei - The Guitar


Alon - The Voice


Keegan - The BASE




    California Redemption was born in the summer of 2002. It began as an outgrowth of Battery Legion, a Bad Religion cover band. Prior to forming Battery Legion, Mikkei, Doug, and Keegan, had spent a long time playing in Mute. Mikkei eventually quit the band to reevaluate what he was trying to do with his music and recreate his writing process. When Mute broke up and stopped playing, the three had a long inactive period. At the beginning of the summer of 2002, Mikkei decided to try and form another band. 

    After contemplating possible lineups, Mikkei decided that the best two people for any project he would do were naturally, Doug and Keegan. Mikkei had played with Doug for almost two years and Keegan for over three. It seemed to make sense to recruit them first. The idea of having Mikkei cover vocals as well as guitar was tossed around for a while but quickly they decided that a singer would be much better. A friend was decided on right away, Alon. He had neither experience as a vocalist nor an exceptional voice. But, he was perfect because he had a passion for music and it was obvious he would try until he died to do well.

    While practicing and performing as Battery Legion, the fledgling band was working on songs for their new project. By the end of summer, before playing any shows, they wrote and recorded eight songs on their own to use as a free demo. 

    They soon chose the name California Redemption and decided to try to book their first show in December, leaving time for abundant rehearsals beforehand. 

    While following Ill Repute and the Missing 23rd on a local tour, Alon and Mikkei got to talking with Tony Cortez of Ill Repute. He apparently saw something good in them because he offered to put California Redemption, a band he had never before seen or heard, on the bill of a NardCore Christmas show.

    So, on December 26th at the Ojai Women's Center, California Redemption took the stage for the first time. It was their first show and they were received well considering that they had no following to speak of yet. California Redemption continued to perform all over, wherever people would take bands, from Sacramento to Downey.

    In the summer of 2003 Care (as they came to be called for short) recorded their first album using professional help. They spend about two weeks at Bass Line Studios in Simi Valley, Ca. Assisted by Tom Minor, they recorded 11 songs. Soon after recording, there came the issue of album layout and art, cd production, and getting enough money for both. It took almost a whole year for the record to be completed. The record "This Time It's For Money", titled as such because it was mostly the songs from the free demo rerecorded but for money, was released June 18th 2004.

    CaRe is currently working on songs for various compilations and an all new demo as well.