Keegan Haueter


Bio:  started playing bass in 1999, when he met Mikkei to play in a band named MUTE. He was taught by Mikkei, the other band mates and himself for two years until he studied bass playing theory under Mike Bear for around 8 months (Mike is a Metal-Bass god). And he has been loving the bass ever since. Keegan loves to play music live for no one or for everyone.  He loves Punk Rock and it is dear to his heart and soul, and plans to stay that way and play music of this genre for the rest of his existence. He has passion and drive also.

Other projects:  No side projects on the foreseeable horizon.

Influences:    Bands that I love to listen to are: NOFX, Bad Religion, Propagandhi, Good Riddance, Rancid, Rage Against the Machine, ACDC, Creep Division.

Equipment: Fender Precision Bass, Ampeg 8 by 10, Ampeg B2R head, .73 mm  nylon picks. 

Personal Mantra:  "Be like water." - Bruce Lee ZPG FOR LIFE, yo!