(I gave up trying to draw some, so here are some real ones.)


American Lesion Show!(1/29/05)...Show with the Angry Samoans...Mikkei got his guitar stolen...we played Fuck Armageddon...Keegan lost his white t-shirt.

Comp CD fundraiser at the loft!(11/26/04)...Yes, another show at the Loft!  Why?, because the Loft rules....that's are way too many pics of our set. (Blake from Michigan took some of these)

Dressed up at the Loft!(10/29/04)...We played that night with Youth Brigade...It was Roach's Birthday...It was a couple days before Halloween...There was free candy, and it was lots of fun! (check out Yoni's new fisheye lens)

Album Release Show!(6/18/04)...Probably the best show to ever grace the Loft...That night.

The Loft...YET AGAIN!(4/2/04)...Woohoo!  Great Show!  Thank you everyone for coming out and making it that way.

Ventura Theatre(1/10/04)...Running shoes, funny faces, LOVE, and Mexican wrestling masks.  If you weren't there, you missed a great show.  Here are some pics that make us look almost as lame as we really are.

Studio S(11/28/03)...This was a really "tight" show.  New faces, old faces, and a great time!  Matt let me (Alon) barrow his belt, we sold our merch off of a dumpster, mikes guitar cut me (again) and we got some people to register to vote.  We had a blast.

The Loft...AGAIN!(9/27/03)...Sooo much fun!!  Small show, good friends, great kids...short review.

The Loft(9/12/03)...Great kids, great vibe, great show.  Lots of fun!

Cobalt Cafe Battle(6/8/03)...This was a stellar battle.  We declared war on the judges and the rest is history...We may not have won the battle, but the war has just begun.

Daddy-O's Hot Rod Bar(3/28/03)...This show was kinda weird...It was in Sacramento and we got there just in time to load in and play...MIKKEI broke his guitar strap part way through...It was fun!  Yarone drove to Sacramento just for our show and took a ton of pics...THANK YOU!

Easy Street Ice Arena(3/22/03)...This show was sooooo much fun...It was way crazy!  Mike was the only one who wasn't sick!  Yonatan took most of the pics, but I hear Sean took a couple.

Cobalt Cafe Show(2/7/03)...These are from a show at the Cobalt.  The pictures are pretty intense.  Yarone took these ones...I had trouble choosing which pics to put up of the 70 pics he I ended up putting about 30 pics up...that's a lot...oh well.

Mike Smith's Garage Show(12/29/02)...These are from a show at Mikes house.  We had lots of fun.  Sean took these pictures too (he rules).

Some old pics(sometime around 9/9/02)...These are some old pics from when we played BR songs for Yarone's birthday.  Sean took these pictures.